Turkey Call Craft

November 24, 2010

Debby P MK Robinson

left image

1.  1 SOLO plastic throw away drinking cup  ( red or yellow works)

2.  With a sharp object poke two small holes in the bottom of the cup.  Pretty close to each other.

3.  Take a line of crochet string.  About 14 inches long.  (The best string is the white crochet string that you find on a roll in craft stores. )

4.  Thread one end of the string through one hole and bring it down through the other hole. 

5.   Get a new kitchen dish sponge.  Smaller width.   Cut a piece off that's about 1.5 inches wide

6.  Take the two ends of the string . ( They should be hanging down inside the cup.  Like a " bell.:)  Tie the strings to the middle of the sponge. 

7.  Dampen the sponge.

8.  Take the damp sponge and wrap it around the string on the interior of the cup and begin to pull down ( grasping the string in the damp sponge)  .on the string.  As you pull down you should begin to hear the SOUND this project makes!  Short quick jerks work best!

9. If you'd like to decorate-  hot glue works best on these cups.  Stick some feathers on the cup, a turkey face on the front and you have a turkey caller. 


When the craft is finished your children will be able to create the sound of a turkey!  They'll get a total kick out of this and YOU'LL be showing your family members too! 

Gobble Gobble!